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Saturday, September 10, 2011

UPDATE 1: Auction find: FANTASTIC old lightolier wall lamp, Fisher stereo

Man it needs a cleaning.

But I just go this fantastic MCM wall lamp!

It mounts on your wall, and both swings left and right and tilts!  I even got the mounting hardware to attach it to the wall.

I think it might be a Thurston design, or at least influenced by him.  And the mounting hardware (the piece I have in my hand) says "Lightolier" and the plug even has the cool scroll-y Lightolier logo...so it's the REAL THING!!

 I can't wait to get this puppy all nice and cleaned up.

Also go this very cool vintage Fisher 250 TX receiver.  It still works great and all it needed was a little cleaning up (OK, it was filthy, but I have to show this piece some of the respect it deserves).

All those buttons and dials on the right?  Well, this may have been one of the first attempts (if not THE first attempt) to add pre-sets to a stereo receiver.  Each of those buttons has their own little tuning dial.  Just tune in the station you want to assign to that button and when you press the white part of the button, the stereo goes to that station!  The main dial remains wherever it was before.  Pretty cool, eh?

It's up for auction now and already have a lot of activity on it within its first few hours of being posted!
(UPDATE:  It's GONE!!! That was mighty fast!)

Hidden deep in a little shed off the garage, this was hanging.

Is this awesome, or what?

This Santa head is HUGE.  In the pic, it's hanging in front of the fridge, so you can get a pretty good idea of its size!

Nice condition, too.  I thinks it's vinylite.  Rather dirty, but I should be able to carefully clean it up.

I tried to find some markings on it to see who made it, but no luck.

But it does have its original price sticker on the back.  This huge Santa originally cost about 4 bucks!

I have a few more neat-o finds to share...and I'll be updating this post when I can!

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