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Saturday, December 22, 2012

For Sale: Antique Cameron Cauterodyne Radio Frequency Cauterizer: $699.99

When most people see antique medical devices like this, they automatically think "quack medicine".

Well...this is NOT a quack medical device.

The Cauterodyne was designed to be a portable, plug-in wound and surgical cauterizer.  And, with its various tools and needles, could perform many surgical tasks, such as cauterizing wounds and blood vessels, micro-surgery and even hair removal(!).

This particular Cauterodyne I have available includes lots of the device's original accessories.  The parts are all stored in a "hidden" compartment...a pull-down drawer hidden inside the lid.

Of course, due to the age of this item, I do NOT recommend plugging it in or using it.  It is being offered solely as a collectible item.

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