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Thursday, September 1, 2011

For Sale: Merry Mushroom Latch Hook Rug - Framed: SOLD

There is no way you lived through the seventies without knowing or at least seeing some Merry Mushroom piece in someone's kitchen.

I think the word "ubiquitous" is in order.

Pretty much every household had some piece somewhere:  a coffee pot, clock, canister set, cookware, post holders, glassware, placemats, cheese platter, silverware, towel rack, planters, perhaps even curtains (although curtains were more of a "finishing touch" to the MM look).

I imagine if you really wanted to, you could do your entire kitchen in Merry Mushroom, save for the appliances and furniture pieces.
Yep...we got it too...right over our kitchen door!
This was probably one of the most shining moments in Sears history.

They made and sold the Merry Mushroom line from 1970 to 1985 when the line was finally discontinued...a long, profitable reign whose line seemed to expand and extend from year to year.

Well...one more piece of the MM design that you occasionally see cropping up (no pun intended) is the Merry Mushroom latch hook rug kit.

Once completed, you could have your MM decorating your floor, right in front of your sink or oven.

Or...how about your wall?

Here's a MM latch hook rug that someone loved enough to frame.  It's currently available for $25.99, with free shipping!

This is a completed latchhook rug kit featuring a beautiful Merry Mushroom design. The rug has been framed in a solid wood frame, and it's all ready to hang on your wall. The entire piece measures about 26 inches tall and 20 inches wide. It's in very good vintage condition.

Free shipping.


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